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Shower thought which might contain a useful insight: An LLM with RLHF probably engages in tacit coordination with its future “self.” By this I mean it may give as the next token something that isn’t necessarily the most likely [to be approved by human feedback] token if the sequence ended there, but which gives future plausible token predictions a better chance of scoring highly. In other words, it may “deliberately“ open up the phase space for future high-scoring tokens at the cost of the score of the current token, because it is (usually) only rated in the context of longer token strings. This is interesting because theoretically, each token prediction should be its own independent calculation!

I’d be curious to know what AI people here think about this thought. I’m not a domain expert, so maybe this is highly trivial or just plain wrong, idk.

Anyone here following the situation in Israel & Gaza? I'm curious what y'all think about the risk of this devolving into a larger regional (or even world) war. I know (from a private source) that the US military is briefing religious leaders who contract for them on what to do if all Navy chaplains are deployed offshore at once, which seems an ominous signal if nothing else.

(Note: please don't get into any sort of moral/ethical debate here, this isn't a thread for that)

Thanks, this is great! I'll print it up and give it a read over the weekend. Any other literature (especially from competing viewpoints) you'd recommend?

I might have some time tomorrow to test this out on a small scale, will try to remember to update here if I do.

Thoughts on DALL-E-3?

Any recommendations for smartphone games with similar properties? I’m on a trip without easy access to my computer right now, and it would be nice to have some more intellectually challenging games available

Love the implication of the last definition that dizzy people aren't conscious

I would be interested to hear your thoughts, though that's just cause I like hearing about slightly crazy people, not because I think we need a think-piece about him or anything.

Incredible work! As other commenters have said, this isn't by itself too problematic (other perhaps than the sharing of data over separate session), but it is a possible indicator of a lack of security mindset. I fully expect both individual and state actors to try to hack into everything OpenAI, so there's that to worry about, but more than that, I find myself concerned that we're willing to give our AIs such leaky boxes. There's no way this functionality  remains closed in a VM forever...

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