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So looking back at this thread I realize I owe you a (limited) apology: I thought it had been you who told me to consult a lawyer, but that was a different user whose name also starts with a J.

It remains the case that you are misreading me, in a way that I don't even see how you could be doing it, and that that's frustrating. I don't think I retract anything that I've said to you, and I still don't want to put effort into replying to you, partly because you're accusing me of saying things I did not say (even after I pointed out that I didn't say them!) and believing things I do not believe.

But it's possible that if I'd realized sooner that you were someone new, I would have put more effort into my earlier replies and we'd be in a better position now? Or maybe not. But in any case, I think you had not at the time earned the kind of reply that I started out giving you. So I'm sorry about that.

Most of this would take more effort to reply to than I want to, but this bit is easy:

You compared what you would do to this guy to what you’d do to Polanski, and what you’d do to Polanski would be to badmouth him but not to “punish” him.

This is simply false. You are wildly misreading me.

It's not about detail, it's just that what you gave is not a gears-level model.

Sorry, I feel kinda rude just leaving it like that, but... if that link doesn't help, I feel like it would take a lot of effort to explain in depth, and I don't think I want to put that effort in.

A culture of "we can't accuse anyone of anything until it's been proven in a court of law" causes harm too.

I get the impression you're very aware of the harms of going too far in one direction, and completely insensitive to the harms of going too far in the other direction.

As I've said, I intend to link to the evidence.

I note that what you've offered is not remotely a gears level model.

However, in my personal experience it is not really so.

It might be worth thinking about where the bottleneck is. E.g. do you go on plenty of dates but they don't lead anywhere? If not, is that because you ask people out but get rejected, or drop hints but don't get asked out, or don't drop hints and don't get asked out, or?

So you have to literally make gas stoves, incandescent bulbs, and inefficient air conditioners illegal to be sold if they are below some empirical standard.

Taxing them is another option.

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