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Inconsistent Values and Extrapolation

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I am interested in MIRI updating their team page.

I only flossed on the right side of my mouth since 2023-07-08, and today asked the dentist to guess which side I'd flossed on. She guessed left.

I created one for Cotra 2020 and Davidson 2023. Hope they're correct.

I like corner brackets more!

so to quantify sentence S, i prefer ur suggestion "I think it'll rain tomorrow". the percentage is supposed to modify "I think" anyway, so it makes more sense to make them adjacent. it's just more work bc it's novel syntax, but that's temporary.

The principles you propose make a lot of sense! Dropping "I think" or "My best guess" is then for the best.

Also, the underset/underbraces stuff is promising but too much to spend weirdness points on.

Better at getting specific information out of a present piece of information (e.g. becoming skilled at skimming), better at putting tasks aside when they need some time to be processed in the background.

I agree that if at all there is a counternorm to that, and also with the observation that such comments are often (sadly) ignored.

Yeah, there's all these damn confounders :-|

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