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When I eat oatmeal or cereal, I almost never eat it with milk (non-vegan or otherwise). I soak oats in boiling water, and eat cereal dry.

«When the brain generates good feelings, it usually has reasons for doing that» I think is probably true (though as far as the game designer, I suspect some designers are only subconsciously / on a gut-feeling-level aware, rather than consciously aware of all the reasons. Though good ones are probably consciously aware of some of the reasons)

«If you keep trying to make it generate good feelings without respecting the deeper purposes of the source of the feelings, afaik it generally stops working after a bit.» seems false to me.

Registering my predictions for which groups clicked the second link most:

Percentagewise, I don't Groups A and C clicked on it that much (though I'd be surprised if the number from each group isn't non-zero), since they picked a choice that indicates that they care about making high-quality decisions and cooperating with the rest of the world. A higher proportion of C probably clicked than A, since a person might decide it's worth it even if they take their time to think it through (I'd disagree, but the commentor you quote fits into that category).

I'd then say the "accurately reporting your epistemic beliefs" group probably clicked on it the most because I don't model ⌞the kind of person who'd say that is the important trait of Petrov day⌝ as being a particularly ethical person

I've noticed some authors here using [square brackets] to indicate how sentences should be parsed

(So "[the administrator of Parthia]'s manor" means something different from "the administrator of [Parthia's manor]")

Previous to seeing this usage, I had similar thoughts about the same problem, but came up with different notation. In my opinion, the square brackets don't feel right, like they mean something different from how they are being used.

My original notation was to use •dots• to indicate the intended order of parsing, though recently I've started using ⌞corner brackets⌝ to indicate the intended parsing

(The corner brackets are similar to how quotations are marked in Japanese, but they are distinct characters. Also, they aren't on the default keyboard, but I have things set up on my phone to make it easy to insert them)

I didn't downvote, but your comment seems to overlook that status dynamics almost always happen subconsciously / feel like urges.

I'm not sure there's actually a status dynamic there, but if there is one, your first paragraph is actually consistent with that (which is the opposite of what your second paragraph suggests)

As soon as I dance with them in one of these other dances - it can flip the script entirely and it's often what any romantic partner in the past has told me. "That first time we did X dance, it changed everything."

What dance styles is that? Seems like an important piece of information

I like this (I like most fiction that belongs on LW in general)

It doesn't seem correct to me that adding even a dash of legibility "screws the work over" in the general case. I do agree there are certainly situations where the right solution is illegible to all (except the person implementing it). But both in that case and in general, talking to and getting along with the boss both makes things more legible, and will tend to increase quality. I expect that in the cases of you working well and not getting rewarded much, spending a little time interacting with your boss would both improve your outcomes, and importantly, also make your output even better than it already was.

I'm not very convinced by MikkW's list of possible issues, but at least it makes some attempt to engage with why readers didn't find the post valuable.

I would be interested to hear if there are any issues with the «Army of Jakoths» post that I didn't identify here

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