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How do you define what is “ought”?

When I say "five minutes ought to be enough time", I'm not talking about probability - I'm talking about right/wrong. "Five minutes will be enough time if everything goes right. If it isn't, then something went wrong".

An escaped AI isn't hot and glowing and a visible threat. It isn't obvious that an escape has even occurred or where to draw the lines of the quarantine.

We went well over the two hour time limit

Doesn't this mean you won?

What is the purpose of the -ly exception? What's wrong with "hopefully-corrigible agent" other than that it breaks the rule?

I am fascinated by who thought this was a desired behavior. Writing this inspired me to get a second scale, for now keeping both around because it is fascinating.

As a bonus, you can step on both scales simultaneously (shifting your weight differently each time) and sum the readings to get an accurate result that isn't influenced by the memory of either scale.

"Sort by review vote" isn't working for me. There is no apparent rhyme or reason to the order, and it certainly isn't sorting by my review vote. (EDIT: Refreshing the page fixed this, but I would expect it to fully update when I change the sort mode or direction without needing a refresh.)

Additionally, "Sort by karma vote" seems to only care whether I voted on a post without caring about the strength or direction of the vote.

If you can remember which friend is older, or whose name comes first alphabetically, or something, you can associate that with which has the earlier birthday.

2:25 with hyperventilation and resting.

Is it intended that collapsed polls display the author and expanded ones don't?

Does it work if the user makes a natural language request that convinces the AI to make an API call that results in it being shut down?

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