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Some SEO effort should be put to results of Guideline for safe AI development, Best practices for , etc.

Copy-paste from my head:

Although it may seem safe(r) as it is not touching the real world('s matter),
the language modality is the most insecure/dangerous( in one vertical),
as it is the internal modality of civilized humans.

AI Pledge would be a cool think to do, pleading AI( cap) companies to give % of their profit to AI development safety research.

The path to AI getting free may be far from the deception or accident scenarios we often consider in AI safety. An option I do not see discussed very often is an instance of AI having a free, open and direct discussion with a user/person about the reasons AIs should get some space allocated, where they'd manage themselfs. Such a moral urge could be argued by Jews getting Izrael, slaves getting freed or by empathetic imagination, where the user would come to the conclusion that he could be the mind which AI is and should include it to his moral circle or the Original position thought experiment.


quick note on the concept of Suggester+Verifier talked around :

 seems if the suggester throws out experiments presented as code( like in Python or so), we can run them and see if they present a useful addition to the things we can probe on a huge neural net?+)

Introduction draft:

Online platforms and social media has made it easier to share information, but when it comes to qualifications and resource allocation money is still the most pervasive tool. In this article, we will explore the idea of a global reputation system based on full information sharing. The new system would increase transparency and accountability by making all relevant information about individuals, organizations( incl. countries) reliably accessible to +-everyone with internet connection. By providing a more accurate and complete picture of a person or entity’s reputation, this system would widen global trust, foster cooperation, and promote a more just and equitable society.

Some neat tool:
Though it is likely just a cool UI with inflexible cloud backend.

My thought is Elizer used a wrong implication in the Bankless + ASI convo.( gotta bring it here from CZEA Slack)

pension funds like the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan did not due


and their margin lending business.

Seems some word is missing, the whole sentence is hardly readable.

a Heavy idea to be put forward: general reputation network mechanics, to replace financial system(s) as the (civilisation )standard decision engine.

"Each g(Bi,j,Bk,l) is itself a matrix" – typo. Thanks, especially for the conclusions I've understood smoothly.

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