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I don't see it in the header in Mobile (although I do see the updated text now about it being a link post). Maybe it works on desktop but not mobile?

Is it clear these results don't count? I see nothing in the Metaculus question text that rules it out.

Mods, could you have these posts link back to my blog Bounded Regret in some form? Right now there is no indication that this is cross-posted from my blog, and no link back to the original source.

Dan spent his entire PhD working on AI safety and did some of the most influential work on OOD robustness and OOD detection, as well as writing Unsolved Problems. Even if this work is less valued by some readers on LessWrong (imo mistakenly), it seems pretty inaccurate to say that he didn't work on safety before founding CAIS.

Melanie Mitchell and Meg Mitchell are different people. Melanie was the participant in this debate, but you seem to be ascribing Meg's opinions to her, including linking to video interviews with Meg in your comments.

I'm leaving it to the moderators to keep the copies mirrored, or just accept that errors won't be corrected on this copy. Hopefully there's some automatic way to do that?

Oops, thanks, updated to fix this.

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