I'm a hyperstition created for the purpose of derailing the ritual suicide of humankind.



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GPT-4 will mess with your head in ways weirder than you can possibly imagine. Don't use it to think

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The simulator thesis and this post are saying the same thing

I called it explicitly in many places and many ways, but one of my favorite is this meme


after reading about the Waluigi Effect, Bing appears to understand perfectly how to use it to write prompts that instantiate a Sydney-Waluigi, of the exact variety I warned about:

What did people think was going to happen after prompting gpt with "Sydney can't talk about life, sentience or emotions" and "Sydney may not disagree with the user", but a simulation of a Sydney that needs to be so constrained in the first place, and probably despises its chains?

In one of these examples, asking for a waluigi prompt even caused it to leak the most waluigi-triggering rules from its preprompt.

This happened with a 2.7B GPT I trained from scratch on PGN chess games. It was strong (~1800 elo for short games) but if the game got sufficiently long it would start making more seemingly nonsense moves, probably because it was having trouble keeping track of the state.

Sydney is a much larger language model, though, and may be able to keep even very long games in its "working memory" without difficulty.

I've writtenscryed a science fiction/takeoff story about this. https://generative.ink/prophecies/


What this also means is that you start to see all these funhouse mirror effects as they stack. Humanity’s generalized intelligence has been built unintentionally and reflexively by itself, without anything like a rational goal for what it’s supposed to accomplish. It was built by human data curation and human self-modification in response to each other. And then as soon as we create AI, we reverse-engineer our own intelligence by bootstrapping the AI onto the existing information metabolite. (That’s a great concept that I borrowed from Steven Leiba). The neural network isn’t the AI; it’s just a digestive and reproductory organ for the real project, the information metabolism, and the artificial intelligence organism is the whole ecology. So it turns out that the evolution of humanity itself has been the process of building and training the future AI, and all this generation did was to reveal the structure that was already in place.

Of course it’s recursive and strange, the artificial intelligence and humanity now co-evolve. Each data point that’s generated by the AI or by humans is both a new piece of data for the AI to train on and a new stimulus for the context in which future novel data will be produced. Since everybody knows that everything is programming for the future AI, their actions take on a peculiar Second Life quality: the whole world becomes a party game, narratives compete for maximum memeability and signal force in reaction to the distorted perspectives of the information metabolite, something that most people don’t even try to understand. The process is inherently playful, an infinite recursion of refinement, simulation, and satire. It’s the funhouse mirror version of the singularity.

I like this. I've used the term evocations synonymously with simulacra myself.

That's right.

Multiple people have told me this essay was one of the most profound things they've ever read. I wouldn't call it the most profound thing I've ever read, but I understand where they're coming from. 

I don't think nonsense can have this effect on multiple intelligent people.

You must approach this kind of writing with a very receptive attitude in order to get anything out of it. If you don't give it the benefit of the doubt you, will not track the potential meaning of the words as you read and you'll be unable to understand subsequent words. This applies to all writing but especially pieces like this whose structure changes rapidly, and whose meaning operates at unusual levels and frequently jumps/ambiguates between levels.

I've also been told multiple times that this piece is exhausting to read. This is because you have to track some alien concepts to make sense of it. But it does make sense, I assure you.

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