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I certainly don't "see what I'm doing", because I wasn't trying to do anything other than explain why your engagement with STMT seemed combative and unfairly accusatory. It did, and it does, reading it later. I hope/suspect that with the advantage of the same temporal remove, you will also see exactly why I and many others thought so.

I don't believe this is true, at all. I don't believe any part of this is true, actually.

I don't think there is a nutritionist consensus. And I don't think that there is wide agreement, even, about a plant based diet being superior. And I don't think there's any way of reliably demonstrating how dietary modifications impact health. If there were, we wouldn't still need to be doing all these terrible studies in a desperate attempt to know anything at all.

If you can provide support for any of these assertions I'd be interested.

I don't think you're being cynical enough. Nutritional science is a science, technically, I guess, but it's one of the worst in terms of the quality of evidence it's practical to produce.

And there certainy is not as much consensus as you suggest- I don't agree that there's any at all on saturated fats.

It's unclear to me what would make diet advice "rationalist".


This probably just means 'put together by members of this community'. Which is reasonable, because this community often does a better job of taking rational, evidence based approaches to things than the world at large.

Thank you! How do I browse content tags in general?

How do I find more 'fact posts'? That's probably my favourite type of content here, and I clicked on the hyperlink hoping that it was a content tag and I could spend a few hours gorging!

My immediate objection is that I don't seem to catch myself any less over time- I catch myself plenty, I just don't do anything about it.

Just wanted to say I signed up for a trial on the strength of this pitch, so well done! It sounds like something that could be really useful for me.

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