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I'm reminded of the whole "fantasy is a prerequisite for action" theme in Sadly, Porn.

I noticed this happening with's API as well, using the gpt-neox model, which suggests that the cause of the nondeterminism isn't unique to OpenAI's setup.

The SAT switched from a 2400-point scale back to a 1600-point scale in 2016.

Lesswrong is a garden of memes, and the upvote button is a watering can.

Timelines. USG could unilaterally slow AI progress. (Use your imagination.)

Even if only a single person's values are extrapolated, I think things would still be basically fine. While power corrupts, it takes time do so. Value lock-in at the moment of creation of the AI prevents it from tracking (what would be the) power-warped values of its creator.

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Agree, but LLM + RL is still preferable to muzero-style AGI.

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