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USDT is not the only stablecoin that's pegged to the dollar. If someone doesn't want to expose themselves to BTC's price fluctuations, I would expect them to want to hold different stablecoins than USDT.

There are already plenty of ways that people can make money online via websites like Fiverr and Upwork. There's no need to do anything like creating fake porn to make money on the internet. 

Early in the war, there was a story that using drones to drop grenades is happening. 

You could answer "Is matter a sufficient ingredient to constitute reality?" "No, matter is how it functions and there is non-matteric functioning and reality is made of functions, so matter is insufficient.". But you could also mean with "One of the functions of the heart is to pump blood" that you don't mean "function" as an ontological entity. 

Barry Smith created Basic Formal Ontology which is the central framework for ontology used in bioinformatics. Basic Formal Ontology does take the stance that functions are ontologically meaningful entities. It does take the stance that they are part of the ontological entities that make up reality. 

Other big biological ontologies like FMA also have immaterial anatomical entities. 

Part of why the work of Judea Pearl didn't happen earlier is that materialism and reductionism are frameworks that held back science from studying non-materialistic ontological entities. There's a lot of progress that happened in the last twenty years that was about moving beyond those frameworks and how they stifled science. 

I have been born and live in West-Berlin, so let me speak from my own on-the-ground experience. 

It makes sense to first deconstruct the question. What do you mean by West? It could be that you mean Anglo-American and just label it as West in your mind. Germany has a long intellectual tradition on its own even if the allies suppressed it to the point that we don't build the old German toilets that Zizek was speaking about anymore. 

Years ago I wrote Beware of identifying with schools of thought to express some memes that feel more German and less Anglo to me. 

I don't feel like there's anything in our meme space where I could point to it being clearly Eastern while it feels easy to point to Anglo-American influences. 

FTX had $1 billion yearly revenue in 2021 which is a 1000% year-over-year improvement. 20 billion market cap for FTX is a 20x revenue multiple. 20x revenue multiples for startups aren't uncommon and 1000% year-over-year improvement means startup. 

I think that revenue is mostly trading fees which are a reasonable service. The speculative profits seem to be made by Alameda.

You can argue with all startups about whether or not they are overpriced but it's qualitatively different than Madoff hair which has zero market value.

FTX was working on new financial products like prediction markets as well, so even in a crypto downturn, they could expand to new markets.

EA is not an entity that knows or doesn't know. Individual players in the field know or don't know and make decisions based on what they know.  If you want to critique it makes sense to think about which players should have made different decisions.

The FTT token was freely traded and held by plenty of people who aren't co-conspirators and it used to be valued at a price where it would have enough collateral for the debt. On the other hand, nobody holds Madoff hair who wouldn't be a co-conspirator. 

There's no realistic future world where you could expect any money to made by selling his hair, but the same isn't true for the FTT tokens. You can easily sell a small portion with them at the price. It's just that you can't sell billions worth of them at once. 

Or, "should EA have noticed Sam's lack of ethics and reacted to that?"

How would such a reaction have looked like?

How, complex was it to fork the forum? Is the software now at a stage where it's easy to set up new forums with the same structure?

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