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I will note that making your own bread at home is not hugely difficult if that's your priority; it does take several hours per loaf, but much of that time is spent doing other things while you wait for it to rise, and if you knead the dough by hand you don't need any expensive equipment. (The ingredients can generally be found in any grocery store, though you may need to go further afield if you're trying to precisely replicate a grandparent's recipe).

As a note, I've just found out that I can simply adblock the Petrov Day overlay and frontpage functionality returns to normal.

i found out exactly three hours in, so most likely 2,100 but possibly 2,000.
Edit: per habryka's comment, the relevant threshold was apparently zero.

The thing is, that's not a well-formed, non-fallacious argument. Your "evidence" in this scenario consists entirely of the fact that someone famous has also made the claim; that's the very definition of an argument from authority!

minor error - in the sentence "For self-published ebooks, it’s worse: the median number of sales is zero.", it should say modal (most common number) instead of median (number in the middle of the distribution).