Discussion article for the meetup : Big Gaming Fun 6: A New Beginning!

WHEN: 05 May 2013 01:00:00PM (-0400)

WHERE: 100 East End Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15221

Come match wits against others who value believing the truth and acting effectively to achieve their goals! Now revived after I spent 2.5 months in Switzerland and 4 months being super busy moving into my new house.

You can see my game collection here; please bring anything else you'd like to play.

I have a cat. Please let me know if you're allergic and need me to put her upstairs.

RSVP here or by sending me a private message (but don't not show up because you didn't RSVP, I just want a rough idea of the number of attendees). The door should be unlocked and there should be a sign up when you arrive; if not, call or text (412) 657-1395 when you get here. I intend to hold these every 2-3 weeks, so watch this space!

Also, if transportation is an issue, please post a comment or send me a PM. I'm on the bus line, I might be able to pick a small number of people up, or maybe a fellow attendee can give you a ride.

Discussion article for the meetup : Big Gaming Fun 6: A New Beginning!

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Also also, this is the day of the Pittsburgh Marathon; check the road closure schedule, expect delays, etc.

Also, if you're on Google+, RSVP on the event page and it will add a calendar entry for you and I'll know to invite you to future events. (If this doesn't work, let me know; it's the first time I've tried to use a public event.)