For the last few months, LessWrong has been working with Solenoid_Entity to record each curated post into audio form. Recordings to date can be found here and on all major Podcast apps when you search "LessWrong".

More recently, we added some UI so it's clear when audio is available on a post.

click the green speaker icon to display audio UI when available

We are now scaling up the amount of audio recorded, and the question is, what should we prioritize?

We can records posts, Sequences, wiki-tags, etc...

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I'm kinda biased but I think it'd be cool to have my multiagent sequence recorded.

I would love to see the following sequences in Audio format - 

1. Indadequate Equilibria - No Audio version exists AFAIK
2. Best of Lesswrong/Engines of Cognition/Carving of Reality - 2018/19/20
3. Parts of Scott's writing on LW that's not already in the SSC/ACX podcast
4. CFAR Handbook / Hammertime Sequence (Not sure how effective this content will be in audio format) 

Personally, I’d prefer no alignment posts unless they’re useful summaries, or “here’s how to get up to speed on AI alignment.” With the alignment content, even with a comp sci background, it’s like I’m jumping in to The Chronicles of Amber 3/4ths of the way in to the book. I just don’t know what’s going on.

Personally I feel like the value from doing more non-Sequence LW posts is probably highest, since the Sequences already exist on Audible (you can get all books for a single credit), and my impression is that wiki tags wouldn't generalise to audio format particularly well. One idea might be to have some kind of system where you can submit particular posts for consideration and/or vote on them, which could be (1) recent ones that weren't otherwise going to be recorded, or (2) old non-Sequence classics like "ugh fields".

Searching for this on Audible now and not finding it.

Here's the link - [] P.S  - Since it's released as a podcast, you can find it for free on any podcast player. No need to use audible
Thanks Nihalm, also I wasn't aware of it being free! CraigMichael maybe you didn't find it cause it's under "Rationality: From AI to Zombies" not "Sequences"? The narration is pretty good imo, although one disadvantage is it's a pain to navigate to specific posts cause they aren't titled (it's the whole thing, not the highlights).
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I had someone online recently ask if anyone was curating a playlist which could be subscribed to for the highlights from the sequences. If you have the ability to make public playlists (maybe on Spotify, but I haven't used it in years), people may get value out of that.

You guys can use agree/disagree on this comment to say if you'd get value out of curated playlists.

I was looking for exactly this recently.

It will be made!

If there are posts that have already been recorded as part of some other effort, then I'd like to have the same UI linking to those recordings. For example, many of Scott's posts were recorded in the SSC podcast and it would be nice if there was an audio link at the top. And it would also be nice if that UI was available to everyone when writing a post, so anyone could include an audio version of their post.